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Happy New Year!

09 January 2015 - Comments

The year is off to a great start with the first of my micro-projects released and a very exciting opportunity to work with a Bristol studio!


The micro-project concept has continued to take shape and prove it's worth. This week I released the first project code-named 'Blobby'. It's basic and rough around the edges, but that is kind of the point. It only aims to demonstrate that I can do basic multipass compositing.

The second micro-project will demonstrate slightly more complex compositing with ambient occlusion, object mattes and motion blur. This should be released shortly.

Studio Opportunity

I got some great feedback on some of my project work from a studio this week, which has resulted in an opportunity to work on a production motion graphics project. This should be a great experience and a real eye opener. I am incredibly excited.


I've also spent some time continuing to learning Houdini, as I will be doing the GC Workshop Destruction in Houdini course later this month.

Whilst the Houdini interface is not the prettiest, the usability is way better than Maya. On the whole, it all feels better put together. The node-based non-destructive workflow is simply epic and opens up so many possibilities. Modo seems all the rage at the moment, but for me I just haven't seen the killer features that make me want to invest time in learning it, given I already know Maya. Houdini on the other hand, now that is a different story, and something that I'm much more excited about.

I simply dare you to watch the Houdini 14 sneak peak video and not be impressed!

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