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06 February 2015 - Comments

Following on from my recent studio experience, I've spent this week concentrating on rounding out my 3D Generalist skills. Okay, so I might have gotten a little distracted along the way ...

Modo - revisited

So, I spent some of Thursday looking at Modo again. I was a bit sceptical when I last tried it, but the more time I spend using it the more I am impressed. It felt hard to going back to the Maya viewport, and the IPR renderer is just so fast. The modeling toolset is really nice. However, that said it still bugs me that it's a destructive workflow.

It definitely feels like it gels more as a tool than Maya, which at times is brilliant and other times makes me want to bang my head on the desk.

The Indie pricing model seems like a great commercial move on the part of The Foundry, perhaps in response to Houdini Indie. My main issue with Modo at the moment is that I just don't have the time to explore it more. In fact, I had other higher priority things I should have been doing this week <hangs head in shame>.

After Effects

If last week was all about V-Ray, then this week has been mostly about After Effects. I've spent quite a bit of time revisiting previous material that I covered right back when I started training, as well as practicing animation and 3D camera techniques.


Modeling & Animation

I've also spent time honing modeling and animation skills. Animating camera moves was something that my training hadn't covered at length (which is interesting thinking back on it). So I spent some time exploring various Maya techniques and workflows.

During my studio experience, my 2D text/Illustrator curve (re)topology was weak, so I revisited that and now have a really solid approach.



I had a few rendering issues this week, but my revisit of the Blobby project with V-Ray should be finished later today.


V-Ray on the whole is great. But it turns out there is a lot of confusion about using a linear workflow with it; possibly owing to the legacy 'Linear Workflow' option. It took me a while to dig through all the misinformation on the web to get to a solid approach. Still compared to Mental-Ray it's a dream!

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