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Plan B

20 February 2015 - Comments

Last week I had a really interesting chat with someone which has left me rethinking the viability of the career change. Uh oh.

Can I do it?

So this chat boiled down to them supplying some additional information which they hadn't during previous conversations; basically, how I shouldn't expect to earn any money for the next two years! Unfortunately, they were a major influence in the original career change move. So the timeline for plan A has been well and truly hit by a freight train.

Whether this was an omission on their part originally or whether I failed to ask enough detailed questions I'm not sure. But that's all a mute point now. I'm here and I need to work out what where I go from here.

I'm currently reaching out to a bunch of folk to get some more views on the 3D and motion graphics scene in the area and how long it is likely to take me to establish myself.

In the meantime, it's business as usual until I have some more feedback/info.


Maya modeling love

I've continued to progress my modeling skills and speed with plenty of practice. Along the way I've discovered a few more handy marking menus, and mapped a few more custom keyboard shortcuts for component selection. Despite it's reputation, I find the recent versions of Maya great for modeling.


I also experimented with recording some modeling practice sessions this week. I had to fall back to the Mac due to technical difficulties on Windows.


I'm continuing to learn Houdini, which I think is just an excellent piece of software. It's ability to quickly build digital assets is very impressive.

I did some tentative exploration of exporting animations as alembic from Houdini to Maya. The initial tests have worked very well.


Smashing MASH

I'm still champing at the bit to get stuck into a solid MASH project. Unfortunately, other commitments haven't allowed that yet. So I've had to settle for quick experiments here and there. But I'm hoping to do a more involved project featuring MASH in the near future.


Motion Graphics

In addition to the 3D, I've also been pushing forward the motion graphics with various projects, like the one below.

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