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MASH-ups and Smackdowns

13 March 2015 - Comments

For the past few weeks I've been talking with a bunch of folk about the whole career change idea to try and work out whether it's viable. In my spare time, I've been having a 3D modeling application smackdown and experimenting with MASH.


I've continued to experiment with the Maya plugin MASH, which holds an incredible amount of promise and adds some much needed functionality to Maya for motion graphics.


I have only just scratched the surface with what you could do with MASH.

Micro Projects

I hadn't really expected to get any project work done, as I've been concentrating on modeling practice and working out what steps to take next with the career change. But I modeled a Dyson Air Multiplier, and was quite taken by it's visual appeal.

So I thought I'd put together a very quick concept project. Here it is.

Modeling Application Smackdown

In my quest to find the ultimate 3D modeling application, and maximize my productivity, I have spent a fare amount of time modeling in Maya, Modo and Blender recently.


So I'm just going to come out and say it, this might be an unpopular statement but I honestly don't think there's much to choose between them. Each has things it does better, and overall I feel like Modo has a more fluid workflow. But it really is a close call, at least when it comes to modeling.

So what's to love/hate?

  • modo
    • beautiful viewport
    • fluid and consistent modeling workflow
    • but pretty poor documentation
  • Maya
    • better modeling workflow than most folk give it credit for (using all the pie menus)
    • has construction history
    • attribute editor vs channel box
      • this is where Maya starts to feel like it's been slapped together
      • the UX is terrible, e.g. if you apply a modeling operation it won't have focus in the attribute editor, etc
  • Blender
    • the latest docs are really good; easy to read and thorough
    • the modeling workflow is very solid easily on a par with the other apps
    • some folk don't like the hotkeys, but I think it makes for a fast modeling workflow
    • the viewport can't compete - but then something has to give - it's a free app right!

Career change blues

Having had my confidence in the viability of the career change knocked a few weeks ago, I've spent a fair amount of time reaching out to folk to get some more views on the 3D and motion graphics scene in the area and how long it is likely to take me to establish myself.

It's been a great experience. I'm always surprised at the generosity of complete strangers plus their encouragement and willingness to help. So a big shout out to all those who found the time to humour me; I really appreciated your thoughts and advice.

I'm still digesting all that was discussed but hope to formulate a plan shortly!

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